Friday, 17 May 2013

Eco-Resort, means a resort which is Eco friendly, environment friendly and not harmful to nature. All over the world Eco-Resort has a great attraction for it's own beauty. In Bangladesh this sector is growing up day by day. Already some Eco-Resorts has taken place in Syhlet, Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Bandarban and some other places.

Now here in Bangladesh Eco-Resort is a source to attract more wanderer. So, beside of Environmental contributions Eco-Resort is also contributing in the Financial sector of Bangladesh.

An Eco-Resort contains better light and ventilation process which are very important part of a Eco-Resort. Various Eco-sensitive devices such as solar-heated showers, composting toilets, solar panel, grid, composting toilets are now very essential for an Eco-Resort. Most of the Eco-resorts are covered with tropical plants, snails, and friendly microorganisms. Which are very good as well as very important parts of an Eco-Resort.

An Eco-Resort should contains good bio-system and you will be really fascinated if an Eco-resort really contains all of those things. And I believe, most of the Eco-Resorts of Bangladesh has these skills. 

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

In Bangladesh a lot of Architectural firms are starting their activities day by day. Because, now a days here in Bangladesh a huge amount of high-rising building is growing up which are used for residential purpose as well as for the business purpose. So, in these cases Architectural firms are working as a guide liner. They are suggesting the building owner that how can they utilize the land-space properly as well as the attractive structure and appearance of the building.

Here in Bangladesh most of the firms are working with Architectural Design, Architectural Animation, Interior Design, Landscaping, Building and Civil Engineering and many more. If you look around the Capital of Bangladesh, you can see that most of the building has an extra-ordinary looks now. If you go to some VIP area like Bashundhara-Baridhara, Nikunjo, Gulshan, Bonani, Dhanmondi etc then you can see that there a lot of amazing nice looking deployment. I thing a huge amount of credit goes to various Architectural firms who are created these.

As I mentioned before that here in Bangladesh a lot of Architectural firms are starting their activities day by day, they have a silent contest between one-another. So, they are trying to improve their activities every moment.

Bangladesh have a lot of good talented Architects. Most of them have their own firm. So, this sector is doing very good. Quality of work is one of the most important key-factor now.

As like the capital of Bangladesh, many Architectural firm already has started their job outside of the capital Dhaka. So we can see that the Architectural Design of rural area is going to be changed day by day. Which is a very positive side for Bangladesh as well as this is a very huge achievement for the Architectural firms.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Our studio delivers comprehensive services in the areas of construction and reconstruction of urban, industrial, hospitality, commercial, and residential buildings. Our staff can process all stages of project development from basic studies, preliminary design, building permit documentation, Interior design, Painting works, 3d studio (Animation), to the final documentation at construction completion. The type of building projects we take on range from houses and apartment buildings, amenities, building renovation projects, and loft conversions.
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